Pierluigi Ghianda has been defined "the poet of wood", for the love with which he works, for his expert knowledge of this living material - that never dies, even after hundreds of years - and the profound respect he brings to it.

His pieces of furniture and his objects are executed with rare perfection - whether made of rosewood (“bois de rose”), ebony or the more common pear wood - are silky to the touch, honed and polished with expert and patient hand. When combining parts he does not use nails - this could "harm" the wood! - but joints, from the simplest to the most complex as in the Kyoto table, his masterpiece, made up by 1.764 dovetail joints to form a texture where 1.681 square holes play with light and shadow. Sought-after by the most famous designers in the world, from Gae Aulenti to Ettore Sottsass, the Vignellis and Max Bill, Castiglioni and Cini Boeri, has been active for more than seventy years with such enthusiasm and love that make him an unrivalled cabinet maker, comparable only to the great craftsmen of the past.

quote He claims to be a mere craftsman, but, if we were in Japan, he would have been named Intangible Living National Heritage.

(Piero Fornasetti)

piccoli Bookmarks, pill boxes, square sets ... pocket objects of common use made important by the use of precious wood and the smooth and perfect finishing.

grandi Caskets and frames, mirrors and lecterns, in short, refined desktop or tabletop objects. The details and joints of these products are small masterpieces.

Whether it's a table or a library, the ingenuity in the creation and craftmanship make these pieces unique and amazing. “Puzzle” joints, wooden dowels to combine strength and lightness.